Ruling PASOK MP George Floridis on Thursday tendered his resignation, the second ruling party MP to resign in the space of two days, following George Lianis on Tuesday afternoon.
Floridis resigned from his MP post, but did not declare himself an Independent, thus in effect "returning" the seat to PASOK.
Floridis, MP from Kilkis prefecture, notified parliament of his resignation in a two-page letter.
Lianis, who was elected in Florina prefecture, in a letter to prime minister George Papandreou released to the press on Tuesday, resigned from the PASOK parliamentary group and declared himself an Independent, in disagreement over the government's economic policy.
Floridis, a former public order minister (2003-2004) and former deputy minister of finance (2001-2003), culture (sport portfolio, 2000-2001), and interior and public administration (1998-2000), said in his letter of resignation that he honors the Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK) and its struggles, "but at this marginal time for the country, the national duty was defeated by the leader-oriented and partisan interest".
"Thus, will absolute awareness of the criticality of the moments, I submit my resignation from the post of MP," Floridis said in his letter, and blamed all the political parties of failing to reach elementary agreement in order to deal with the climaxing national crisis, due to the party-oriented nature of the effort, while he also warned that (early) elections, despite being the firm and irreplaceable democratic way out, "at this particular time entail severe danger for the country's economic viability".
Floridis further accused the government of "wrong choices in the economy and the state" and "inability of comprehensive planning", and a "clearly unequal and unjust distribution of the burdens and unprecedented inefficiency", and main opposition New Democracy of "investing in the government's wear and tear, with choices unprecedented for a conservative party of authority", and with the risk of the country's destruction as the "prize".
In the past days, initiatives for national understanding aimed at political stability had created the impression that such stability could be achieved, he said, stressing that only a transitional 'national salvation' governmental scheme could have contributed in that direction, with the mandatory participation of the two main political forces of the country (PASOK and ND).
"Unfortunately, the leaderships of the two mainstream political parties were once again beneath the national circumstances, in a politically unforgivable way," he said, adding that instead of a national rallying, what prevailed was a rationale of partisan and political pretexts, self-serving calculations and petty party pressures.
"There is no worse way to verify the end of a worn down and outgoing political system," he added.

Fraggidis to replace resigned PASOK MP Floridis

A 56-year-old doctor, George Fraggidis, will replace former PASOK minister George Floridis in parliament after the latter resigned the seat earlier Thursday in disagreement with the government's economic policy.
Fraggidis was the first runner up in Kilkis prefecture in the 2009 general elections, on the PASOK ticket.
Born in 1955 in Melissourgio, Kilkis, he studied in Italy where he became active in the local branch of the Panhellenic Liberation Movement (PAK, precursor of PASOK), and joined PASOK just after its establishment.
He remained in PASOK until the autumn of 1975, when he became active in Left parties (KKE and SYN) up until 2003, and rejoined PASOK when current prime minister George Papandreou took over the party's leadership.
Fraggidis is married to pharmacist Katy Panagiotidou, and they have two daughters.