The General Confederation of Workers of Greece (GSEE) decided on Friday to declare a 48-hour general strike on the days that the mid-term programme will be discussed and ratified in Parliament. Mobilisations whose content will be decided by the Confederation's executive committee will also take place during the ratification of the implementary laws.
It was also decided that on June 21, the day of the European action of unions, a protest demarche will be made at the offices of the European Union in Athens, while a delegation of GSEE will participate in the European demonstration taking place on the same day in Luxembourg.

Business Briefs

- Greece’s finance ministry will auction a three-month Treasury bills issues next Tuesday, 21 June, aiming to raise 1.25 billion euros from the market. The finance ministry, in an announcement said the issue will be offered to private savers tax-free on the precondition that they will hold the T-bills until their maturity.

- Cardico on Friday announced the successful completion of a share capital increase plan, worth 11,664,624 euros. Under the plan, the company will issue 38,882,080 new common, nominal, voting shares at an offering price of 0.30 euros per share. Following the share capital increase plan, Cardico’s equity capital will total 18.8 million euros.