Athens Chamber and Commerce and Industry (EBEA) president Constantine Michalos on Friday criticised the government reshuffle which, he said, "can only be considered as a mockery towards society, because the transfer of persons who have failed in their preceding duties to other ministerial seats cannot be considered a 'corrective move'."
Replying to reporters' questions on the reshuffle, he added that "at this time we are experiencing in Greece a political satire, but with the visible risk of it turning into an ancient Greek tragedy".
According to Michalos the new government is a "renovation" of the previous Cabinet with 40 members and only three new ministers and which, either way, will be called on to implement precisely the same hopeless policy, "a policy that deputies and cadres of the ruling party (PASOK) dispute, thus creating conditions of lack of governance".
For this reason an end must be put to the current and a new start must be made, he said, adding that recourse to early elections is the only way.
Michalos opined that the country needs a strong government with the political volition to advance the correct policy mix for exit from the crisis, a policy that will focus on the imposition of measures with main aim the safeguarding of the development and social cohesion and will aim chiefly at the taking of measures focusing on ensuring growth and social cohesion, and will not hesitate to renegotiate the Memorandum in order to achieve better repayment conditions.