The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) on Friday described the new Cabinet arising earlier from a government reshuffle, as a "government dangerous to the people, for the passing of the new barbarous measures and preparation of the government's more apparent collaboration with the parties of the plutocracy". It reiterated its call for immediate elections and called for popular and political vigilance, organisation and action with the KKE.
"The parties of the system do not change by changing faces. They only become worse for the people," it added.
The Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS) party, said that "from an ecumenical government (being sought) we ended up with a government of the 'deep' PASOK", adding that "Greece missed a golden opportunity, because some sides did not manage the issue well, or did not want to".
The Coalition of the Left, Movements and Ecology (SYN) said that the "tragicomedy we have been living in these past days continued with today's reshuffle", adding that "it seems that noting is capable of halting the course to complete collapse of the government".
SYN stressed that it was of absolutely no importance who will implement the most unjust and anti-social policy of the last decades, when the issue was its full reversal. It added that the ease with which the government and main opposition party exchange accusations and invitations for a joint "national" effort underlines how similar their policies are and how hypocritical their stance is towards the Greek people.
"PASOK and ND are part of the established vicious political system of the last decades, which is completing its circle," SYN said.
The non-parliamentary Democratic Left party said that with the policy that the government has been implementing over the past 20 months, the country and society are facing the immediate danger of collapse.
The content of this policy must change, it stressed, adding that the only thing that the Cabinet reshuffle can accomplish is a temporary beautification of the picture, but which will not endure.
Non-parliamentary Democratic Alliance press spokesman Yiannis Economou said that the reshuffle was the outcome of Papandreou's effort to "survive in his parliamentary group". The result, he added, was an "electoral government of transfers and balances".
Economou said that the main issue for Greece remains averting bankruptcy, and the mobilisation of all the creative forces of the country for that purpose, on the basis of sincerity and the specific policies required in order to succeed.