Main opposition New Democracy (ND) on Friday described as a 'government with a time limit' the new Cabinet arising from a government reshuffle earlier in the day.
In an announcement ND press spokesman Yiannis Michelakis said that prime minister George Papandreou is "recycling the same faces, and instead of a government of national salvation has made a government with a time limit, in order to implement the same, wrong policy".
"Mr. Papandreou first admitted that he cannot govern. Then he baptized the inability as a "reshuffle". A reshuffle 'carom' that reflects the failure of his policy. The chief admittance of the failure of the government's economic policy is the replacement of (outgoing finance minister George) Papaconstantinou," Michelakis added.
ND also considers as an "admission of organisational inability" the creation of an Inner Cabinet in which half the ministers are participating, with the purpose of coordinating the other half of the ministers and in which, for the first time, unprecedented in the world, the defence and foreign ministers will not be taking part.
"Everyone can make their own conclusions on the expediency of the composition of such an Inner Cabinet," the ND spokesman continued.
Michelakis further warned that the dissolution of the two national champions of the Greek economy, tourism and shipping, is being continued, especially that of shipping, which continues to go back and forth from ministry to ministry.