Main opposition New Democracy (ND) leader Antonis Samaras on Sunday reiterated his call for early elections, adding that recourse to the people's verdict is the only real solution and the only path for Greece's exodus from uncertainty, addressing the first day of a parliamentary debate for a vote of confidence in the newly-reshuffled government.

ND will not give a vote of confidence to the government in which not even prime minister George Papandreou believes in, and because he is persisting in a policy that only creates new problems, Samaras said.

He also accused Papandreou of "not daring" to proceed to the creation of a "national salvation government", but instead created a partisan government aimed at gluing together his ruling PASOK party, thus opting to prevent the collapse of his party instead of the unity of the Greek people.

Samaras reiterated his firm positions that a renegotiation of the terms of the Memorandum, jump-starting the economy and restoring social cohesion are the only conditions for consensus, and criticised the government of carrying on with the same, wrong policy 'recipe" that would lead the country to an absolute dead-end.

The main opposition leader further accused Papandreou of "hiding behind the Troika's insistence", without negotiating.

Samaras also charged an "orgy of populism" around the word "consensus", warning that the climate of consensus was not being enhanced but, on the contrary, was being undermined, by the prime minister's own associates who were distorting ND's positions abroad.

He warned that he will not tolerate this to continue, stressing that when he himself goes abroad, he wars the "national jersey".

Samaras said that parliament was being asked to give a vote of confidence to a government of "partisan gluing" that was made up of "cadres who until yesterday were blaming each other", in order to salvage PASOK, and not the unity of the Greek people.

ND, he added, will persist with the position that the only way for Greece's salvation is elections.

"We will not destabilise the country. It has been destabilised enough by the government. We do not want to govern ruins tomorrow. We are not the same as PASOK. Regardless of the outcome of the vote of confidence, the government has permanently lost the confidence of the people. That is irreversible," Samaras concluded.