Communist Party of Greece (KKE) leader Aleka Papariga opposed a referendum, but said 'yes' to early elections, addressing a vote of confidence debate in parliament on Sunday.

She clarified, however, that the KKE was taking this position under a different viewpoint from the other parties, with the aim of a "popular class movement and a weak government" arising.

Papariga disagreed with the prime minister's proposal for a referendum, warning that it was only "the other side of the harsh suppression o the people's struggles".

She warned that the "reshuffled government, the same PASOK, cannot fool those it has been fooling until now", and charged that the present government will go down in history as the government that "locked in the controlled bankruptcy" of the country, "the consecutive Memorandums", and the "emergency mammoth borrowing of 90-100 billion euros".

However, she stressed, the government will "present all those as a victory".