Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA parliamentary alliance) parliamentary group leader Alexis Tsipras accused the two mainstream parties -- ruling PASOK and main opposition ND -- of wanting to avoid early elections, terrified that the two-party system will be overturned if elections were held now that the Greek people have taken to the streets in protest.
"Your big problem is that the Hellenic Republic has acquired a 'lower parliament'," Tsipras said during a vote of confidence debate in parliament on Sunday, referring to the Indignants' movement in Greece, the main bulk of which has been gathered outside the Greek parliament for more than three weeks.

"Your parliamentary groups will give you a vote of confidence, but the 'Lower Parliament', the society that is agonizing, does not give you a confidence vote," Tsipras said.

Addressing Papandreou in particular, he said: "Your parliamentary Group may give you the vote of all of PASOK for a government with a specific work contract to put a tombstone on the Greek society, but not the vote of the society."

"Both of you want to avoid elections. You are terrified that, if we go to the polls with the people emancipated in the streets, the two-party system will be overturned," the SYRIZA leader added.

Tsipras, who endorses restructuring of the Greek debt, warned that Greece will sink with both versions of the Medium-Term fiscal program.

"If you find anyone who believes that Greece can be saved with new expensive loans that are essentially aimed at salvaging the banks and not growth, then I will apologise to you," he said.