Athens Fringe Festival 2011, the Greek capital's annual international arts festival, opened on Monday at the municipality's Technopolis events center and other locations around the city, with the 2011 theme being "Smile in the mind".
The third annual Festival, which runs through June 26, is organised by the Synthesis Media Company in collaboration with the renowned Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the biggest off-Festival on the planet.

Adopting the successful Fringe format, the Festival aims to present the work of young, upcoming Greek and European artists representing all art forms.

Athens Fringe Festival is an open-to-all celebration of the arts, a true off-Athens Festival.
The organisers invite artists, visitors and volunteers alike to think about what makes them happy and be inspired by that.

All forms of art have a place in the Athens Fringe Festival, from music, dance and theater to literature, crafts, video art and installations.

Fringe is much more than a festival, it is a social network, but unlike the Internet social networks, it is not virtual but living, with live actions and interventions in the everday life of the city.

A novelty this year will be a double-decker bus that will take artists around the cities of Athens for "lightning" performances, bringing the Festival to the public itself.