The widening of cooperation between the business community of Iraklio, on the island of Crete, and the region of Moudania was discussed during a visit to the Iraklio Chamber of Commerce by a delegation from Moudania in Turkey. The chamber was visited by the city's mayor Hasan Akturk, deputy mayor Dr Kartal Saldiris, as well as the president of the region's Chamber Emir Ali Usta and the vice president Esat Demicran, who met with the president of the Iraklio Chamber N. Dolapsakis.
The Turkish delegation proposed the twinning of the two chambers, with the aim of strengthening trade relations between the two regions.
The Turkish visitors said that Moudania constitutes an important suburb of Bursa, that is Turkey's second city for exports, after Istanbul, and the country's fourth city in population.