The Greek general government deficit totaled 9.967 billion euro over the four months from January to April 2011, up from 7.328 billion euro in January-March 2011, the finance ministry announced on Monday.
During that period, outstanding debt by general government agencies came to 6.101 billion euro, of which 2.542 billion euro were social insurance fund debts, 1.721 billion euro were hospital debts, 892 million euro were ministry debts and the remaining 738 million euro were local government debt.

According to ministry figures, the state budget's deficit in January-April 2011 came to 10.602 billion euro, while social insurance funds and hospitals amassed deficits of 512.5 million euro.

Public sector legal entities had a budget surplus of 230 million euro and local authority agencies had a surplus of 917 million euro.

The figures also showed high rates of compliance among public-sector agencies during April in terms of sending financial reports to the General Accounting Office of State. All local authorities sent financial reports, as did 99.71 percent of hospitals and social insurance funds, 97.74 percent of public-sector agencies and 91.30 percent of public-sector enterprises.