Government spokesman Elias Mossialos on Monday strongly criticised a demand by main opposition New Democracy leader Antonis Samaras for snap elections.
"It is provocative when someone asks for elections when there is so much at stake for Europe and Greece. It is an irresponsible attitude showing that there is no awareness of the country's problems," he said.
He also criticised Samaras's speech in Parliament on Sunday as "an introspective position using trade unionist arguments, which do not go beyond the narrow limits of ND." Mossialos said that the main opposition leader's speech was aimed at "internal consumption" and not an effort to reach agreement on the major issues for the country.

The spokesman dismissed ND claims that Samaras had been the victim of a 'defamation campaign' abroad, calling these conspiracy theories, while insisting that Samaras appeared unaware of the true dimensions of the problem and was continuing to act like a 'local leader'.

Concerning the Medium-Term Fiscal Strategy, the spokesman stressed that the government would push for improvements and adjustments within the framework of the long-term goals that had been set, adding that it was the obligation of MPs to support the government and seek solutions in this framework.