Newly appointed Minister of State and government spokesman Elias Mossialos on Monday addressed the national parliament for the first time in his capacity as member of the new government.
Mossialos underlined that “the government is in continuous negotiation over the EC-ECB-IMF Memorandum as proved in the EU summit meeting last March when we won the extension of the bailout loan repayment period that will give the country a breather of many billions of euros by 2015, while an additional 6 billion euro will come from the reductions of the interest rates.”

He accused main opposition New Democracy (ND) of focusing on creating impressions when it speaks about renegotiation of the memorandum considering that “continuous negotiations are underway as shown by last night’s Eurogroup report in which a reference is made on the ongoing negotiations.”

The government spokesman pointed out that the people want the government policy to materialize with determination and proceed with major structural reforms. He also repeated the prime minister’s announcement as regards the opening of a public debate next fall on constitutional reform and the political system.