Prime Minister George Papandreou will next week unveil the members of a committee that will prepare proposals for major political reform in Greece, to be decided through a national referendum in the autumn, government spokesman Elias Mossialos said on Monday.
During his first regular press briefing, Mossialos underlined that the members of this committee would not originate from just one party but from a broad political spectrum.

The spokesman said that the initiative announced by the prime minister in Parliament was vital for the modernisation of the political system and will launch a discussion on constitutional changes in an organised way since it was also a demand of civil society.

Noting that Parliament would not be sidelined and that everything would be passed by Parliament's Institutions and Transparency Committee, Mossialos said the aim was to tackle the basic causes and problems that gave rise to the deficit and allowed the debt to grow.

KKE on proposal on referendum in autumn

The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) responded negatively to the statement by the government spokesman in Parliament on the holding of a referendum aimed at changes in the constitution.
A relevant announcement by KKE said "the new government spokesman began with old extortions and new traps," adding that "in whatever way that the government presents the referendum trap which it is preparing, the people must not be deceived. The reply must be organising joint rallying with the KKE and elections for the antipopular policy to be repelled and reversed."