Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS) party leader George Karatzaferis, speaking to the ANA-MPA on Monday, expressed his categorical refusal to vote for the mid-term programme as well as whatever the present government brings to Parliament.
He criticised the government, terming it "incoherent and anaemic" and adds that it cannot promote the major issues by itself.

Speaking to the ANA-MPA and called on to comment on his party's stance in Parliament, the LAOS leader said: "I shall vote against whatever this incoherent and anaemic government of Mr. (Prime Minister George) Papandreou brings. I believe that Mr. Papandreou cannot promote the major issues by himself, consequently I shall vote against anything he brings."

According to close associates of his, Karatzaferis insists on the need for the creation of an all-party government and believes that a single party cannot succeed under the present circumstances.