Eurogroup President and Luxembourg Premier Jean-Claude Juncker on Monday said private investors will be present in any second bailout package for Greece, stressing here, however, that he does not know if they will be “enthusiastic.”
Meanwhile, Eurozone finance ministers called an emergency meeting to take up the Greece issue on July 3, Juncker added.

"I have decided to call an extraordinary meeting of the Eurogroup on Sunday, July 3," Juncker said, following a meeting of EU FinMins here.

Moreover, he expressed his hope that the Greek Parliament will have ratified the Mid-Term Fiscal Strategy Programme by then.  

Speaking at a joint press conference on Monday in Luxembourg, Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn and Juncker expressed optimism that the next and fifth aid tranche will be disbursed soon, whereas Eurozone officials will move to agree on a plan to prevent a sovereign default -- the Vienna programme.