Council of State plenum on memorandum

The Council of State plenum has decided that the memorandum is not contrary to constitutional mandates, the European Human Rights Accord and international agreements.
The 55 councillors of state stressed that cutbacks in salaries, pensions etc made with the memorandum are compatible with the constitution the European Human Rights Accord and international agreements under specific conjunctures prevailing in Greece and in light of the need to avoid bankruptcy. In the event that there is a new memorandum that will impose new salary cutbacks etc, then the Council of State will judge again with the conditions and conjunctures that will be prevailing at that time.
Following five marathon sessions in camera the councillors of state, with a big majority that almost reached unanimity deemed that the memorandum was not necessary to be voted with the 3/5 majority, since it does not constitute an international agreement. In other words, according to the judges, the memorandum does not constitute an international agreement, according to article 28 of the constitution, for it to be necessary to be ratified by Parliament with an increased majority of 180 deputies.

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