Main opposition New Democracy (ND) leader Antonis Samaras was briefed by finance minister Evangelos Venizelos on the recent Eurogroup meeting in Luxembourg, during a telephone contact on Tuesday morning, the finance ministry said in an announcement, confirming earlier reports by sources.
Venizelos, in reply to press questions, said the two men discussed the government's Medium-Term fiscal programme, due to be voted in on parliament on June 28, and on the programme's application law.
He also said that Samaras told him Venizelos that he understands the need to abide by the timetable agreed in the Eurogroup regarding the ratification of the two laws (Medium-Term programme and application law) by the end of June, regardless of the position ND will take on the substance of the measures.
To another question on whether the reference to national unity contained in the Eurogroup announcement after the Luxembourg meeting meant that the a condition for progress in the procedures was the opposition's positive vote for ratification of the Medium-Term Programme and its application law, Venizelos replied that this has not been placed as a condition, although it would be desirable for the government.
The reference to national unity is a reference to the need for a climate and atmosphere of unity and responsibility, the finance minister added.
Venizelos, who attended a Eurogroup meeting on Sunday for the first time since taking over the key finance ministry, also briefed Samaras on his sideline contacts and talks in Luxembourg.