The Thessaloniki International Film Festival will participate in the Special Olympics 2011 of Athens through July 3, hosting a tribute to the International Special Olympics, entitled “How I am - Challenging Perceptions”.
A total of 21 documentaries will be screened during the Games, focusing on the needs and daily lives of those special athletes and their environment, but primarily focusing on their efforts and their relatives against the stigma and prejudice they sometimes face from society.
Disorders like autism and Down’s syndrome, people with mental disabilities, the difficulties in the rehabilitation of the disabled are the protagonists in the films participating in the tribute, four of which are Greek-language productions.
The Greek entries are “Christini, a Princess” (2007) by Iris Zahamanidi; “Performance” (2003) by Nikos Alevras; “What’s Eating Dimitri?” (2006) by Valerie Kontakos -Yannis Missouridis and “The Trap” (2010) by Maria Danezi.  
Some of the foreign participations are “Neurotypical” (2010) by Adam Larsen, which parallels the lives of three individuals who fall on the autism spectrum; “Her Name is Sabine” (2007) by Sandrine Bonnaire, a sensitive portrait of Sabine Bonnaire, the autistic sister of the French actress Sandrine Bonnaire, a film that won the Fipresci Award at the Cannes Festival in 2007 as well as “The Horse Boy” (2009) by Michel Orion Scott, based on the autobiographical book that follows the quest of Rupert Isaacson and his wife to find healing for their autistic son Rowan.   
The tribute “How I am - Challenging perceptions” took place within the framework of the 13th Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival widely considered one of the world’s leading festivals for documentary film attracting more than 22,000 visitors annually.