The Cyprus-Greece Business Association (CGBA) announced here on Wednesday it will promote Greece as the preferable tourist destination for Cypriots planning to go abroad for their holidays, in a bid to assist the flagging Greek economy in this critical financial juncture.
The CGBA, a member of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourist said it will organize a campaign through advertisements to the media and road-side bill boards calling on Cypriots who will travel abroad for the summer vacations to opt for Greece. The campaign's slogan is ''Holidays Abroad? Let's go to Greece''.
The Association believes that this initiative has a more ethical character rather than an economic one, whereas the Greek Embassy to Cyprus believes that tourist inflow increase constitutes source of immediate income for the ailing Greek economy.
''We would like to send a message to our brothers in Greece that the Greeks of Cyprus are interested with what is happening in Greece,'' Akis Pigasiou, President of CGBA told a press conference.
''Each one of us would like to do our bid to help the Greek economy and the Cypriot economy along with it, because we know that the two economies are connected,'' he said.
On his part, Vasilis Skronias, First Councilor for economic and commercial affairs of the Greek Embassy to Cyprus described the initiative is ''extremely moving.''
He said the increase of tourist flows towards Greece is ''an imperative because it represents an immediate source of income for the Greek economy.''
''The increase of group and individual trips to Greece from tourist operators is vital,'' he said, calling on the Cypriot consumers to opt for Greek consumer goods.
According to figures given during the press conference, Greece is the first preferable tourist destination for Cypriots, and the fourth market for tourist flows in Cyprus following the United Kingdom, Russia and Germany.
Skronias said that from total 1.2 million trips abroad from Cyprus in 2010, Greece absorbed 428.682 trips.
President of ACTA Victor Mantovani told CNA on Monday that Greece and particularly the Greek islands present sizeable increase this season with flights for the Greek islands almost fully booked.