The Greek Foreign ministry urged Greek citizens not to participate in the new flotilla for the port of Gaza, as well as the ships and seafaring means of the Greek shipping register.
A relevant announcement by the Foreign ministry on Wednesday calls for the appeal by the UN secretary general, the declared intention of the Israeli government not to allow the approach of vessels to the coast of Gaza, to be taken into consideration, as well as the direct dangers for human life and security entailed by participation in this undertaking, particularly in light of last year's events.
It is also pointed out that "the defining and exercising of the country's foreign policy is the responsibility of the government, with the criterion of the promotion of the interests of Greece" and "in this crucial conjuncture all must show the corresponding responsibility or fully assume the responsibility for their actions."
Moreover, it stresses that "the planned operation does not tackle the essence of the humanitarian problem in Gaza", adding that Greece and Cyprus have made specific proposals in the past in the direction of handling the humanitarian needs of the inhabitants of Gaza.
"Greece actively supports the resumption of the peace talks which constitutes the only path for an overall and viable solution of the Palestinian issue," the announcement concluded.