Contraband cigarettes cargo

Τhe Comoros-flagged freighter INA that was spotted on Wednesday in the Saronic Gulf with approximately 3,000 boxes of contraband cigarettes on board was led to Elefsina port by coast guard vessels on Thursday.
The coast guard spotted the ship on Wednesday as it was sailing 3.5 nautical miles off Spetsopoula island in the Saronic Gulf.
According to available information, the freighter's destination is unknown, while the nine member crew (a Russian, two Ukrainians and six Bulgarians) have been detained by Piraeus port authorities and will be later sent before a prosecutor.

Port authorities said that the contraband cigarettes would be probably unloaded at Ermioni, southern Greece, where seven persons where arrested on Wednesday and two suspicious trucks were spotted.

Port authority officers found 50,600 euros in cash in the detainees' possession.

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