Development, Competitiveness and Shipping Minister Mihalis Chryssohoidis, speaking at the Emporiki Bank's "This is Greece" event, said there is a lack of investing boldness in the country and termed this trend "justified" since, as he said, "on a daily basis a big question looms over the country on whether we shall succeed or not."
"We need less loans and more investments. We achieved this in our negotiations with the troika. This is and must be our basic political and strategic option in our negotiations with our partners in Europe as well," the minister said.
Referring to existing problems, the minister reiterated the ascertainment that there is a big fluidity deficit in the market with thousands of businesses being unable to cope with daily needs.

The minister mentioned that the institutional framework on the total lifting of bureaucratic obstacles in business will be ready in September, that the bill on shipping investments is being prepared, other big investments are being released quickly and the attraction of strategic investors is being intensified.