Prime Minister George Papandreou and his counterpart of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (fYRoM) Nikola Gruevski held 30-minute talks here on Thursday, in the framework of his initiative for regular contacts at the highest level, for a suitable climate to be created in bilateral relations that can function in an assisting manner in the process of negotiations under the UN.
According to reports, the Greek prime minister stressed that the decision by the Skopje government to place statues of historical personalities of Greece in various locations in the country raises an issue of credibility and real adherrence of fYRoM's leadership to the effort to achieve a solution.
Papandreou reiterated Greece's steadfast will for progress in negotiations and clarified that he expects specific steps from the other side so that they will reach an agreement. He stressed that Greece does not intend to participate in "communication mobility" around the issue of the name, but looks forward to substantive negiotiations, reiterating that achieving a solution is feasible provided that fYRoM's leadership has indeed the political will for such a thing.