Attica police on Friday announced that they had tracked down one of the men that assaulted MP and former minister Kostis Hatzidakis on December 15 last year, during a protest rally organised in downtown Athens by the trade union federations GSEE and ADEDY. The man in custody is a 68-year-old pensioner that was taken in for questioning and apparently confessed to the assault. The case against him has been sent to a public prosecutor and the suspect has been released.
The pensioner was located through videos and photographs of the assault, in which his features are clearly visible. The videos show three individuals striking the MP, two men wearing hoods in their 40s and a man in a coat that was over 60.
There were also dozens of eye-witness reports to back up the video material, since the police did not have powers to identify the suspects based on the images caught on camera.
Police say that the elderly man was prompted to attack by a 'mob mentality' rather than political motives, while his political beliefs remain unclear. The investigation to find the other two suspects is continuing.