Coalition of the Left, Movements and Ecology leader Alexis Tsipras, speaking in an interview with the Sunday newspaper "Avghi tis Kyriakis", said the "medium-term is a plan that is not viable. It has already touched its internal contradictions and mainly with popular reaction. This government has no chance of having a long life. It is a government with a project contract. But even in the event that the medium-term passes through Parliament, its implementation will proceed with great difficulties. Society knows that it is a new road map, disastrous and condemned to failure, that is being promoted after the bankruptcy of the first memorandum."
Tsipras said the medium-term equals bankruptcy and stressed that "it is a question of time for insistence on this policy to lead, apart from the bankruptcy of the ordinary people, to economic bankruptcy as well."

The Coalition leader further said that "the European model is unable before the deep economic crisis," adding that "it cannot cope with it, and the countries are coming one after another face-to-face with the problem of the debt...The only path of survival for Europe, is a great reversal that will mean emancipation from the markets, and the change in policy, so that the crisis can be handled."