The main opposition New Democracy party is leading the ruling PASOK party by 1.4 percent, according to a poll carried out by the MARC company and published in the Sunday newspaper Ethnos tis Kyriakis.
According to the poll, ND garners 21.4 percent of respondents' preferences, followed by PASOK with 20 pc, the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) 7.5 pc., the Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS) party 5.8 pc., the Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) 3.6 pc., the Democratic Alliance 2.8 pc., the Democratic Left 2.8 pc. and the Ecologists Greens 2.2 pc.

The majority of citizens (68.2 percent) is against early elections, while one out of two believes that the government must implement the Medium-term programme, but clarifies that it must renegotiate it. However, 22.7 percent wants the programme not to be implemented even if the country goes bankrupt.

Moreover, 60.3 percent favour consensus, while 65.7 percent do not believe that the new government formation will implement a fairer policy with the distribution of burdens.

Lastly, 70 percent believe that if ND leader Antonis Samaras is elected prime minister he would follow the same policy as Prime Minister George Papandreou.