Main opposition New Democracy (ND) leader Antonis Samaras on Sunday called for a "different economic policy" that would "not be founded on excessive taxation".
There is a better tomorrow for the country, provided there is a change of policy, said Samaras, who was attending the 31st annual get-together of Sarakatsani in Pertouli.

"There is a better tomorrow. The most difficult thing that I see throughout all of Greece is the dejection, the feeling of depression, something that does not suit the Greeks. That must be overturned, and you give hope only when you have specific, serious elements of a different policy that at the same time acknowledges the huge problem," the ND leader said.

Addressing the local municipal council, Samaras outlined the meetings he had in Europe, noting that he described the reality "for example, that the economy cannot hold up in an excessively taxed country, in a dried up market, in a period in which economic activity has reached zero, that it can't hold up in this immense recession to ask for and take more taxes because if you ask for them you will not find them".