The state-run betting pool OPAP will stop payments to all the teams of the Greek soccer. The organisation's board, in an announcementon Monday, clarifies that it will proceed with the suspension of the validity of contracts, both to the soccer teams and the organising authorities of championships.
The decision is a temporary one, until the members of OPAP's board sit at the table and decide finally on the basis of the judicial investigation's data.

The announcement stresses that the company " obliged to study the issue of relations in its entirety and in particular the issue of its sponsorship contracts with the organising authorities of the championships, as well as with the teams that are participating in them so as to, provided and wherever it is necessary, shape a new stricter framework that will secure its interests, and at the same time will contribute to the correct organising and carrhying out of games from every point of view, something that is the demand of all citizens."