Two Bulgarian women, 24 and 38, were arrested at the port of Igoumenitsa, NW Greece, accused of illegal migrant smuggling, it was announced on Monday.
The suspects reportedly drove four adult Afghans and their three small children from Athens to Igoumenitsa using two private cars. The women were members of a smuggling ring and during questioning it was established that their practice was to wait at the port until the illegal migrants boarded a ferry to Italy using forged Bulgarian travel documents supplied by another ring member, also a Bulgarian national.

For each illegal migrant, the smugglers would receive 500 euros after their arrival at the Italian port.
Smugglers and the illegal migrants were arrested and will be led before a prosecutor.

In an unrelated incident, two Pakistani nationals, 22 and 41, were arrested on the Ioannina-Arta national motorway, NW Greece, after a police check revealed that a total of eight illegal migrants from Pakistan were hidden in their car, owned by a private company.