UN Sec-Gen Special Adviser on Sport for Development and Peace, Wilfried Lemke, Special Olympics Chairman and CEO, Dr. Timothy Shriver and International Softball Federation (ISF) President Don Porter on Monday referred to their very important cooperation thus reaffirming their notable joint efforts aimed at utilizing the power of sports on social level for world development and peace.
Dr. Shriver told ANA-MPA that he is optimistic about the cooperation, stressing that future prospects are promising.
As regards Greece, he said “Special Olympics constitute the beginning of a process that can help Greece develop a healthier attitude. The country will be more united and solidarity will be stringer after the games are over,” adding that “the effort should continue every day whether it concerns individual sports, cooperation with the Olympic Committee or sports federations.”

Speaking in a press conference, UN special adviser Lemke said “people with mental disabilities should be at the centre of our society and not on its margins,” underlining that “joy and happiness are at the core of Special Olympics. That’s why the UN family will follow and support you along the way.”

“The potential is huge as far as international sports federations are concerned. We have the human resources and the technical infrastructure. We can create a movement within the Sports Organizations aimed at deepening our cooperation and offering even greater help,” ISF President Don Porter said.

The Special Olympics 2011 are underway in Athens until July 4.