Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, in a telephone conversation with the Greek Consul in Istanbul Nikos Sapountzis on Monday, expressed "profound regret" over the incident in which Greek national Dimitra Preka lost her life.
The Greek visitor, whose origin was from Kappadokia, had travelled to Turkey to visit the place where she hailed from. She was in the neighbouring country over the past 10 days, where she found a tragic death in the region of Eminonu in Istanbul at the age of 67.

Dimitra Preka had the back luck of finding herself in the midst of an incident between two persons who were quarrelling, one of whom used a gun. The victim was hit in the chest by a bullet that ricocheted and succumbed shortly afterwards at the Red Cross hospital, in the region of Taxim. An additional four people were wounded during the incident, who were also at the place of the event by chance.

Greece's General Consulate is dealing with the case, while, according to Turkish press reports, the police have arrested the perpetrator who was under the influence of alcohol.

Her body has been taken by her children, while the Turkish Foreign ministry has undertaken the expenses for her transfer and funeral.