Main opposition New Democracy (ND) party rapporteur Christos Staikouras outlined the 10 reasons why ND votes against the Medium-term Fiscal Strategy Programme, during his address on the bill, reiterating at the same time that it agrees with its targets, fiscal restructuring and sustainable growth
He said, however, he does not believe that the government will achieve these targets through the policies it is implementing.

Staikouras said that the Medium-term Programme "constitutes the government's most tangible confession that it failed" and called on the government once again to adopt ND's proposals - based on three pylons: the restarting of the economy, achieving a balanced budget and policies to decrease the public debt also through the utilisation of the public sector's property - and to negotiate together "harshly and on many fronts."

ND's rapporteur explained that his party cannot support the Medium-term Programme because: it is based on overoptimistic assessments, it includes many contradictions, it confirms government inconsistencies, it includes deadlocked political options that have been proved, it is socially unfair, it is economically ineffective, it is inadequate, it is incomplete, it is counter-productive and its privatisations programme is characterised by a "revenue-collecting panic".