The ruling PASOK rapporteur on the medium-term fiscal strategy programme, Stathis Koutmeridis, said on Monday that it was "with great pain but also with a sense of social responsibility" that he was asking the voting of the plan by the Greek Parliament.
Addressing a debate at the parliamentary plenum, Koutmeridis admitted that Greek citizens feel "today bitterness and anger, while they are anxious to know whether their sacrifices until this day will bear fruit, whether all these new measures will have any result."
The ruling party's MP also admitted that the medium-term fiscal strategy programme contained economic measures that burdened the citizen," measures which have created "incredible insecurity and terrorism", for which he accused the Greek Media which "highlighted only tax measures without referring to the big changes and reforms that are being promoted."
These structural changes, Koutmeridis added, "ought to have been introduced by us, but our priority, after the medium-term programme, is to go ahead with a new tax framework containing purely growth orientations."