European Council President Herman van Rompuy and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso on Tuesday again appealed to Greece's political leadership, MPs in particular, to vote for the medium-term fiscal strategy in Parliament. Both underlined that "there is no other way" and that those, who misleadingly maintain that there is, should assume their responsibility for likely "grave consequences".

Speaking before the European Parliament here, they stated that in case of a negative vote, the consequences will be heavy not only on the Greek and the European economy but on the global economy as well.

Barroso underlined that the Greek economy should regain its lost credibility, adding that the lack of it is apparent considering the mass transfers of Greek capital to banks abroad. He said that the process is painful, adding that there is no magic solution and pointed out that there is no other way than the materialization of the programme agreed between Greece, the EU and the IMF.

He stressed that for years, Greece had lived beyond its means and that today the EU is willing to help it correct the imbalances provided that Greece wants to be helped. He expressed the wish that the Greek MPs, whose opinion he will respect, will opt for the one and only correct path there is.

European Council President van Rompuy praised the Greek government's determination to implement the necessary measures despite the social tension, adding that he is fully aware of how difficult a task this can be from the time he served as the finance minister of Belgium.

He pointed out that either way, Greece will have to reform its economy, upgrade its competitiveness and combat tax evasion. "A sense of justice will be restored only if taxes are paid by everybody," he stressed