Ministry fines oil companies with 47,500 euros

Greece’s Environment, Energy and Climate Change ministry on Tuesday announced a decision to fine EKO, Avin and Motor Oil’s refinery with 47,500 euros for implementing investment projects without ensuring the necessary licenses first.
A ministry announcement said it fine EKO with 23,902 euros, Motor Oil with 12,489 euros and Avin with 11,197 euros.

Bussiness Briefs

- Α greater consolidation in the domestic banking system could - under the right precondition, planning and execution - offers significant synergies and benefits shareholders, customers and the Greek economy in general, Eurobank chief executive Nikolaos Nanopoulos said on Tuesday.

- A Kiriakoulis SA general shareholders’ meeting on Tuesday approved a board plan to skip a dividend payment for 2010. The shareholders meeting also approved a guarantee offered to its subsidiary in Italy Kiriakoulis Italia Srl for bond loan worth 3,764,922 euros with Agrileasing Credit.

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