Debate on the government's Medium-Term Fiscal Strategy Framework 2012-2015 will be concluded in the parliament plenary at noon on Wednesday, followed by a vote in the 300-member unicameral House, while the vote on the fiscal programme's Implementation Law will be held at noon on Thursday.
A heated three-day discussion opened on Monday on the Medium-Term fiscal programme, ratification of which has been set out by the EU as a condition for the smooth financing of Greece, goes before the parliament plenary.
The programme will be put to vote in parliament on Wednesday amidst reactions by the opposition and trade unions and a 48-hour strike in protest of austerity measures and the Medium-Term programme, as well as planned nationalisations of state utilities and organisations that was launched on Tuesday.

Discussion of the Implementation Law opens in parliament's Standing Committee on Economic Affairs on Tuesday morning, to be completed the same day, while debate on the law will begin in the parliament plenary on Wednesday afternoon and completed at noon Thursday with a vote.