Evangelos Mytilineos, the chairman of Mytilineos Group, on Wednesday said it was necessary “that we all support the Greek economy and stop discussing silly scenarios over a return to the drachma which will lead the country to poverty and social unrest in the future”.
Speaking during a presentation of Mytilineos group at the Association of Institutional Investors, he added that the country needs radical decisions and to leave aside selfishness, politicians, businessmen and citizens”.
He noted, however, that “90 pct of our working time we spend it to deal with the problems of a Greek crisis and the remaining 10 pct to deal with the operations of the group”.
Mytilineos expressed interest for an ambitious government privatisation programme and in particular Larco. “We are interested for developments in DEPA and a plan to split DESFA in order to ensure access of private players in the natural gas network on equal terms. And, of course, we are closely monitoring a privatisation of Public Power Corp.”
Mytilineos said consolidated turnover would reach 1.3 billion euros this year.