"Corman's works are pictures without dividing walls. They are pictures of dignity itself," said Special Olympics president Dr. Timothy Shriver of the work of the world-renowned New York photographer.
Richard Corman's "Celebrating Special Olympics" exhibition is currently on display at the Athens Hilton for the duration of the 2011 Special Olympics. After Athens, the exhibition will travel the globe, after which the photographs will be auctioned off, with all proceeds benefiting Special Olympics.
A staunch supporter and for the past 20 years the official photographer of  Special Olympics, his recently published book "I Am Proud" is dedicated to Special Olympics athletes.
For Corman who has in his portfolio photographs of worldwide personalities such as Nelson Mandela, Robert de Niro, Madonna and Muhammed Ali, the Special Olympic athletes are a timeless and inexhaustible source of inspiration and creativity. "To depict these athletes is for me a dream come true," Corman told ANA-MPA, explaining that his photos are imbued with "total authenticity, dignity, integrity and pure joy".
"There are no walls between me and the athletes. They are so dedicated to what they are doing, and there is an incredible simplicity in everything. They are the ultimate source of inspiration, and as an artist, I couldn't ask for more," he said.