Police carried out a total of 38 arrests and 75 people were held for questioning during the incidents that took place in downtown Athens on Tuesday and Wednesday, while 131 police were injured (82 on Tuesday and 49 on Wednesday) who were taken to the 401 general military hospital in Athens.
Damage was also caused to window panes and the facades of two hotels, eight stores, three banks and a church. Damage was also caused to a kiosk and two VAN vehicles of private companies by fire.
According to a relevant police announcement, groups of people, who in most cases had their faces concealed with hoods, helmets and other means "had infiltrated rallies and marches and attacked police forces with particular intensity."
According to the announcement, "during the attacks they used items such as molotov firebombs, stones, big pieces of marble that they detached from buildings and pavements, crowbars, wooden or metal clubs, hammers, catapults and other similar means."