Communist Party of Greece (KKE) Secretary General Aleka Papariga, speaking at a press conference on Thursday on the violent incidents that took place in central Athens on Tuesday and Wednesday, accused the government of planning them.
"There was a politically organised and operationally studied government plan aiming, on the one hand, at intimidating the people in light of the fifth tranche of the loan and in parallel of working people abandoning struggles."
Papariga referred exclusively to the climate that prevailed in downtown Athens on Tuesday and Wednesday, during the 48-hour strike and the rallies in Syntagma Square, stressing that another target of the government was to deal a blow at the popular movement and the strike as a form of struggle.
"The bourgeois state has many mechanisms that it does not want to reveal because they suit it," Papariga said and expressed doubts whether the administrative enquiry ordered by Citizen's Protection Minister Christos Papoutsis will reveal the truth, stressing that "if the truth comes out then he must resign," she said referring to Papoutsis.