Joining forces and sharing responsibility is the only way, according to Finance Minister and government vice-president Evangelos Venizelos, who expressed certainty on Thursday that Greece will go to Sunday’s Eurogroup much stronger following the approval received in Parliament of the medium-term fiscal strategy and enabling law.
Venizelos warned that things are still not easy for the country because “we must have clear messages as regards the participation of our partners in the debt management and we should overcome obstacles raised by countries like Finland that demand guarantees for their participation.”
The finance minister criticized main opposition New Democracy (ND) leader Antonis Samaras for his stance, stressing that “the self-confidence he displayed earlier in parliament is due to the fact that the medium-term programme was passed, the country is now reliable and the government can continue the tough negotiation for the future of our country.”
Commenting on the warnings issued by the ND leader, who has said that there will be elections if the government attempts to have the new memorandum approved in Parliament with 180 votes, Venizelos accused Samaras that, in essence, he asks of the government to assume sole responsibility for the negotiations and not dare to ask a majority vote for the new bailout loan.
As regards the strong criticism on the tough tax measures, Venizelos accused ND of going against common sense.