Former foreign minister Dora Bakoyannis, who now leads a new party in Parliament, on Friday met with Greek Police (EL.AS) chief Lefteris Economou, with talks focusing on the latest violence between protesters and riot police forces in central Athens this past week.
Bakoyannis' newly founded party, the Democratic Alliance, has already submitted a proposal to set up a cross-party committee that will process a new institutional framework of state security.
On her part, Bakoyannis, who was expelled from main opposition New Democracy last year, stated that “we need to join forces to face the incidents of lawlessness”.
Responding to a question on whether there were cases of abuse of power among certain police officers, she underlined that police are doing their job, "making a superhuman effort and stressed that most of the members of the police force are underpaid."
As regards the medium-term fiscal strategy, she said that it was “the passport for Greece to receive the fifth loan installment” and commenting on the likelihood of snap elections she said that “there are no impasses in Democracy”.