European Socialist Party (ESP) president Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, in an interview with the NET radio station, stressed that "there must be greater space for investments and growth when we give loans to Greece. I can say, that the EU must have given Greece greater margins for investments. Their demands, the terms of the Europeans for loaning did not give this possibility," appearing critical of the stance of European conservative leaders.
"I shall support it with every means so that the socialist fronts will open, supporting the economic backing and specific investments plans in Greece," Rasmussen added, expressing his absolute solidarity and support for Prime Minister George Papandreou.
The ESP leader further said that there is a leadership deficit in Europe. "We have a problem on agreeing on real European solutions" and referred to Greece as an example, saying that "there were given too late" and that "they should have been more European."
Sending a message to the Greek citizens he said: "I realise your pain, but you must understand however that the problem is not the Greek government, the problem is that Europe is in the wrong hands. Let us cooperate progressively on all fronts. I extend, therefore, an appeal to the Greek people, let us cooperate, let us help each other. The solution will not be found in the streets. The solution will be found in a new cooperation."