The Middle East and developments in North Africa were the main issues discussed on Saturday afternoon at the conclusion of a SI summit meeting held in an Athens seaside resort.

Prime Minister and Socialist International (SI) president George Papandreou met separately with the leader of Israeli's Labor Party, Michael Harish, followed by a meeting with Fatah representative Nabil Shaath, talks aimed at working towards progress for a viable solution to the long-standing Middle East problem.

Israeli Labor Party international relations secretary and veteran ex-diplomat Colette Avital was also present at the meeting between Papandreou and Harish.

Other topics touched on the ongoing economic crisis plaguing Greece and efforts to exit the crisis, with foreign delegations expressing their support and willingness to assist the east Mediterranean country.

Moreover, the Greek premier met also with two representatives of the Libyan interim national council, namely, Fathi Baja, who is responsible for foreign affairs of the Benghazi-based provisional government, and with Ashour Hamed Bourashed, who represents the eastern Libyan port of Darna on the council.

Talks focused on the prevailing situation and latest developments in strife-torn Libya, as Papandreou reiterated his interest in the situation affecting the North African country as well as Athens' position that a solution to the ongoing conflict must be political.

Finally, Papandreou met with two young bloggers, from Egypt and Tunisia, respectively, who were invited to attend the SI meeting.