German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle ruled out the possibility of Greece exiting eurozone or leaving a united Europe, in comments carried by an Athens weekly on Saturday.
He added that he has never considered Greece's expulsion or exit from the eurozone, "how could I ever want one of the sources of European civilisation to be outside Europe?"
Westerwelle supported the Greek government's policy over a boost in competitiveness, underlining that "the best medicine most of the times has a bitter taste".
The top German diplomat was also queried on the stance of main opposition New Democracy and ND leader Antonis Samaras, stressing that "I recognise his privilege to have a different option, but I have the right not to accept it, and to warn him of the danger that will arise if reforms are overruled."
Moreover, Westerwelle noted that German politicians had recently referred to Greece in an arrogant manner, calling such statements improper. Conversely, he said many anti-German banners and slogans aired during protests in by certain Greek media "left a bitter taste".
Concluding he noted that the debt cannot be ameliorated with new debts, but only by fiscal discipline and reforms.