The state social security funds will have a surplus of 2,580 million euros in 2011 from 73 million euros in 2010, according to estimates by the employment and social security ministry presented in parliament on Tuesday by minister George Koutroumanis.
In reply to a question tabled by an MP, Koutroumanis said that the revenues of the social security organisations would reach 47.173 billion revenues this year against 45.181 billion euros in 2010, while the social security organisations' expenses were estimated at 44.593 billion euros against 45.108 billion euros last year.
Koutroumanis further said that the total monies owed to social security organisations totals 10.8 billion euros, of which 5.9 billion are owed to the IKA Social Security Foundation.
He also noted that, due to a series of legislative regulations and interventions, an effort has been made to curtail the health expenditures of the social security funds with the aim of preserving their viability, ensuring the rights of the working people and the organisations' public and social character, in tandem with the provision of a satisfactory level of medical and pharmaceutical care to all the insured citizens.
Koutroumanis said that pharmaceutical expenditure of the social security organisations was estimated at 3.308 billion euros in 2011 from 3.873 billion in 2010, while sundry health expenditures were estimated at 2.886 billion euros in 2011 from 2.961 billion in 2010.
Payments to hospitals are estimated at 1.35 billion euros this year from 921 million euros last year.