The heads of enterprises based in northern Greece remained pessimistic over their business outlook in the next six months, while a rising rate (15 pct from 8.0 pct in May) saw their current general business condition as “good”.
At the same time, pessimism over the future was highlighted by a zero intention for new hirings while more than two in 10 businesses examining lay-offs (23 pct in June down from 30 pct in May). A monthly report of the Northern Greece Business Index 500, based on a sample of 500 enterprises in the region, said the NBGI 500 index fell to -39 points in June, from -40 in May and -46 points in the same month last year, with only 8.0 pct of respondents saying they expected “better days ahead”, a 45 pct expecting a stalemate and 47 pct a worsening of the situation.

Turnover shrank by 43 pct in June, after shrinking by 55 pct in the previous month. Manufacturing-industrial enterprises reported the biggest problems, showing the highest rate of lay-off intention, while the services sector reported the best picture over their current situation.