Defence Minister Panos Beglitis on Wednesday expressed satisfaction over Turkey’s stance during the ongoing summer season, stressing that it began with positive practices on behalf of the neighbouring country both in the air and at sea. Speaking before a Parliamentary committee on the ratification of international contracts, Beglitis underlined that the elimination of the component command Air Izmir (CC-AIR) from the NATO command structure will contribute to the creation of a positive atmosphere with Turkey, considering that it was a “source of conflicts and tensions”.
The defence minister stated that a tourism season moratorium is in effect, adding that naval activities have stopped, while airspace violations or FIR infringements are very few and there are no overflights over inhabited islands.
“Even the Turkish navy, which is participating in Libya missions, follows the sea routes that are dictated by international law and does not violate Greece’s interests or national sensitivities,” the minister said.
He also expressed hope that the government of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan will attend the exploratory contacts seeking mutual benefit and cooperation.
As regards the ban on the departure of “Boat to Gaza” vessels from Greek ports, Beglitis underlined that the “government and the competent ministries concluded that the specific decision serves the country’s interests, while taking under consideration peace in the region and Greece’s strategic relations with Israel and the Palestinians.”
Beglitis stressed that “the further development of our relations with Israel will contribute to regional peace, security and stability, while our historical relations with the Arab world and Turkey will not be affected.”
He pointed out that the institutional framework of the international contracts mirror the country’s international obligations that are rooted in the principle of reciprocity.
“None of these texts takes away the power of this principle. No obligation transcends the country’s constitutional framework,” he said, adding that “our national sovereignty or our ability to defend our interests is not being limited. The protection of national interests cannot be assessed in economic or statistical terms by no economist.”