Greek Foreign Minister Stavros Lambrinidis met in Berlin on Wednesday with his German counterpart Guido Westerwelle.
 According to a Foreign ministry announcement, Lambrinidis stressed that "the solidarity being shown by Germany and the responsibility, as well as the solidarity and responsibility that Greece is also being called on to show are, I think, the basic principles that will take us out, united and stronger as Europeans, from this crisis."
Lambrinidis further said "with Guido we discussed a great deal about the efforts to tackle this crisis. Greece has proved its determination over this past year and a half. It took measures that it had to and will take even more difficult measures now. Measures that cost dearly to the Greek people, measures that are producing, thanks to the sacrifices of the Greek people and I am deeply grateful to Guido Westerwelle and in our discussion over the fact that so much and so intenseley and so much, if you want, humanely recognised these sacrifices. I thanked him naturally particularly for Germany's contribution to this very difficult effort for Greece as well as for Europe."

Lambrinidis also said "I want to stress here something that is frequently overlooked. Today's Greece is consistent, it is reliable. We are fulfilling the measures that we have said that we shall take. Last year the changes that took place in the country in one year alone were changes that have not taken place ever in any other European country in the history of the European Union. Mistakes were made naturally and we are corrrecting them with new determination and with new support from our partners and for this reason I thank once again publicly for the solidarity and for the support."

Lastly, Lambrinidis said "it is not only the European and the Greek-German issues that preoccupied us. We spoke of the 'Arab spring', we spoke about Libya, we spoke about the Middle East, about a series of issues that we shall each face seperately as well as together as Europeans soon."